Meet The Broker Of The So-called Peace Deal Between UAE And Israel – Mohammad Dahlan – The New President Of Palestine?

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has set off uproar among the Palestinians after suggesting Washington was considering supporting exiled former Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan to unseat Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Washington may support exiled Palestinian dissident Mohammad Dahlan, known for his cooperation with the Turkish Gülenist Group and for his anti-Turkey (Erdogan) stance, to unseat Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to a top U.S. official and David Friedman.

Friedman also said that Israel is moving forward with its plan to illegally annex more Palestinian territory. “I think it will happen,” said Friedman. He also attacked the Abbas-led Palestinian Authority for “clutching to very old and irrelevant complaints.”

You can argue that the US is planning it‘s next color-revolution, this time the Palestinian Authority has to be replaced, in favor of the US and NATO allies. Mohammed Dahlan is the perfect pick for the US, living in the UAE, in exile, rumors says, he became an Israeli spy for Shin-Bet and Mossad, when he was imprisoned in Israeli jails. Also, he was the broker for the so-called peace deal between the UAE and Israel.

Who is Mohammad Dahlan?

Mohammad Yusuf Dahlan, was born 1961 in Khan Yunis Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip. He is a Palestinian politician and the former leader of Fatah in Gaza. Dahlan was born to a refugee family. Dahlan became politically active as a teenager and in 1981 and helped to establish the Gaza branch of the Fatah Youth Movement. Between 1981 and 1986, he was arrested by Israel 11 times for his leading role in the Fatah Youth movement. During his time in prison, he learned to speak Hebrew fluently.

Dahlan quickly came embroiled in allegations of widespread corruption and heavy-handedness. Gaza was nicknamed “Dahlanistan” during his rule. As part of his Palestinian Security Services (PSS) appointment, Dahlan received CIA military training and worked closely with Israeli’s security services on imprisoning scores of Palestinians, mainly Hamas supporters. In 2002, according to Abbas’ most recent accusations, Dahlan helped coordinate an Israeli airstrike that killed prominent Hamas figure Salah Shahadeh along with his wife, daughter and 12 other civilians.

Other Palestinians have criticized Dahlan. Jibril Rajoub , with whom he cultivated a deep and personal rivalry, claimed in 2003 that everybody knew Dahlan was an Israeli agent. He has also been criticized for his good relationship with Arafat’s long-time financial adviser Mohammad Rashid and Dahlan’s own London-based business. Dahlan is alleged to have enriched himself through corruption; his personal wealth has been estimated at well over $120 million.

Dahlan has also faced criticism regarding his role in Gaza turmoil, especially in exchanging hostilities with rival security forces commander Ghazi al-Jabali. In 2003, Preventive Security Force gunmen raided the offices of Jabali’s General Security organization.

Arafat’s and Dahlan’s relationship had been deteriorating for some time, but it disintegrated in 2002 when Dahlan resigned from the PSS, allegedly to challenge Arafat for the leadership. At the last minute Dahlan backed out, but as the Intifada intensified and Israeli troops moved in to besiege Arafat’s Ramallah compound, he seized the opportunity to establish himself as one of a so-called “Gang of Five” who in effect governed in Arafat’s place.

In June 2011 Dahlan was expelled from Fatah because of repeated claims by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that he had murdered the late President Arafat. His house was raided by the Palestinian police and his private armed guards were arrested. In June 2012, after a 9-month investigation launched by Al Jazeera, traces of the radioactive poison polonium were found on Arafat’s belongings, strongly increasing suspicions that he was poisoned.

Dahlan was accused of initiating a smear campaign against Palestinian Authority Civilian Affairs Minister Hussein Sheikh in September 2012, when the latter was alleged to have been involved in a sex scandal with a female employee in his department.

Following his expulsion from Fatah, Dahlan moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he worked as a security adviser. In October 2018, Dahlan was accused of cooperating with Abraham Golan, a Hungarian-Israeli veteran of the French Foreign Legion, who owns the Spear Operations Group, which purpose it was to hire American ex-special forces mercenaries to assassinate Yemeni al-Islah politicians as part of the United Arab Emirate’s role in the Yemeni War.

Dahlan is harbored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, and faces legal cases from both Palestine and Turkey on several charges, including murder, corruption and involvement in the 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His TV channel Gad al-Arabi, operating in Egypt, has decorated Egyptian billboards with Erdoğan’s posters, depicting him as a sultan. After the July 15 coup attempt, Gülen leader Fethullah Gülen gave an interview on the channel.

He has been sentenced in absentee to three years in prison in 2016 by a Palestinian court for corruption and ordered to repay $16 million, according to his lawyers. Dahlan received Serbian citizenship in 2013 after promising to bring Belgrade millions of dollars worth of investments.

So now he is back in the picture, sponsored and back-up by the US and perhaps Israel, maybe he will become the new President, of course the consensus of the people is not really necessary, just the consensus of the big ‘powers‘.

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