Meet The Broker Of The So-called Peace Deal Between UAE And Israel – Mohammad Dahlan – The New President Of Palestine?

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has set off uproar among the Palestinians after suggesting Washington was considering supporting exiled former Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan to unseat Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Washington may support exiled Palestinian dissident Mohammad Dahlan, known for his cooperation with the Turkish Gülenist Group and for his anti-Turkey (Erdogan) stance, to unseat Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to a top U.S. official and David Friedman.

Friedman also said that Israel is moving forward with its plan to illegally annex more Palestinian territory. “I think it will happen,” said Friedman. He also attacked the Abbas-led Palestinian Authority for “clutching to very old and irrelevant complaints.”

You can argue that the US is planning it‘s next color-revolution, this time the Palestinian Authority has to be replaced, in favor of the US and NATO allies. Mohammed Dahlan is the perfect pick for the US, living in the UAE, in exile, rumors says, he became an Israeli spy for Shin-Bet and Mossad, when he was imprisoned in Israeli jails. Also, he was the broker for the so-called peace deal between the UAE and Israel.

Who is Mohammad Dahlan?

Mohammad Yusuf Dahlan, was born 1961 in Khan Yunis Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip. He is a Palestinian politician and the former leader of Fatah in Gaza. Dahlan was born to a refugee family. Dahlan became politically active as a teenager and in 1981 and helped to establish the Gaza branch of the Fatah Youth Movement. Between 1981 and 1986, he was arrested by Israel 11 times for his leading role in the Fatah Youth movement. During his time in prison, he learned to speak Hebrew fluently.

Dahlan quickly came embroiled in allegations of widespread corruption and heavy-handedness. Gaza was nicknamed “Dahlanistan” during his rule. As part of his Palestinian Security Services (PSS) appointment, Dahlan received CIA military training and worked closely with Israeli’s security services on imprisoning scores of Palestinians, mainly Hamas supporters. In 2002, according to Abbas’ most recent accusations, Dahlan helped coordinate an Israeli airstrike that killed prominent Hamas figure Salah Shahadeh along with his wife, daughter and 12 other civilians.

Other Palestinians have criticized Dahlan. Jibril Rajoub , with whom he cultivated a deep and personal rivalry, claimed in 2003 that everybody knew Dahlan was an Israeli agent. He has also been criticized for his good relationship with Arafat’s long-time financial adviser Mohammad Rashid and Dahlan’s own London-based business. Dahlan is alleged to have enriched himself through corruption; his personal wealth has been estimated at well over $120 million.

Dahlan has also faced criticism regarding his role in Gaza turmoil, especially in exchanging hostilities with rival security forces commander Ghazi al-Jabali. In 2003, Preventive Security Force gunmen raided the offices of Jabali’s General Security organization.

Arafat’s and Dahlan’s relationship had been deteriorating for some time, but it disintegrated in 2002 when Dahlan resigned from the PSS, allegedly to challenge Arafat for the leadership. At the last minute Dahlan backed out, but as the Intifada intensified and Israeli troops moved in to besiege Arafat’s Ramallah compound, he seized the opportunity to establish himself as one of a so-called “Gang of Five” who in effect governed in Arafat’s place.

In June 2011 Dahlan was expelled from Fatah because of repeated claims by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that he had murdered the late President Arafat. His house was raided by the Palestinian police and his private armed guards were arrested. In June 2012, after a 9-month investigation launched by Al Jazeera, traces of the radioactive poison polonium were found on Arafat’s belongings, strongly increasing suspicions that he was poisoned.

Dahlan was accused of initiating a smear campaign against Palestinian Authority Civilian Affairs Minister Hussein Sheikh in September 2012, when the latter was alleged to have been involved in a sex scandal with a female employee in his department.

Following his expulsion from Fatah, Dahlan moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he worked as a security adviser. In October 2018, Dahlan was accused of cooperating with Abraham Golan, a Hungarian-Israeli veteran of the French Foreign Legion, who owns the Spear Operations Group, which purpose it was to hire American ex-special forces mercenaries to assassinate Yemeni al-Islah politicians as part of the United Arab Emirate’s role in the Yemeni War.

Dahlan is harbored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, and faces legal cases from both Palestine and Turkey on several charges, including murder, corruption and involvement in the 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His TV channel Gad al-Arabi, operating in Egypt, has decorated Egyptian billboards with Erdoğan’s posters, depicting him as a sultan. After the July 15 coup attempt, Gülen leader Fethullah Gülen gave an interview on the channel.

He has been sentenced in absentee to three years in prison in 2016 by a Palestinian court for corruption and ordered to repay $16 million, according to his lawyers. Dahlan received Serbian citizenship in 2013 after promising to bring Belgrade millions of dollars worth of investments.

So now he is back in the picture, sponsored and back-up by the US and perhaps Israel, maybe he will become the new President, of course the consensus of the people is not really necessary, just the consensus of the big ‘powers‘.

The True Face Of the Zionist State Israel Against The Jews

isrealian jewsIsrael has put the city of Bnei Brak on lockdown after an outbreak of coronavirus. Health officials fear of some 75,000 of its residents are already infected. It is one of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. The Jews who are caught without mask or gatherings of more than 2 persons face seven years in prison. Most of these Jews have no TV or Radio and don’t know about the COVID-19 virus.

The Orthodox Jews, which I will call the real Jews, are within the state of Israel considered as second class citizens, they are not treated on the same level as Palestinians, but the majority of the groups are rejecting the State of Israel and consider the state as a non-state, according to their Jewish religion the Jews are not allowed to have a state anymore (Talmud).

The majority of these Jews live in the US, because of their rejection of the Zionist state of Israel, as they would call it.

The Statement of Neturei Karta International Jews Against Zionism, the head Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

The Authentic Torah View of the State of Israel in General and of Jerusalem as its Capital.

Authentic Jewry never recognized the EXISTENCE OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, let alone Jerusalem as its capital, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss expressed in the interview, this is what he had to say:

Zionism, the movement that created the State of Israel, is the complete opposite of traditional Jewish belief. Judaism is subservience to the Almighty, while Zionism is a total transformation into nationalism, Ever since the destruction of the Jewish Temple, 2000 years ago, Jews have been in exile by Divine degree and are forbidden to establish a sovereign state of their own, or ta wage war against any nation; they are certainly forbidden to kill others or take the land of another people. The occupation of Palestine, the murder and expulsion of its people, and the oppression of those remaining are in total violation of the Jewish religion and traditional Jewish values.

Rabbis worldwide spoke out unanimously against the Zionist movement from its very inception. The leading rabbis of Palestine stood in the forefront of this Jewish religious battle against Zionism.

In July 1947, when the United Nations was considering the Partition Plan, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky, testified before the UN’s committee: “We wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.”Several months later, on November 18, 1947 when he realized the UN was proceeding with a recommendation for a Jewish state, he sent a telegram: “Our community demands that Jerusalem be an international zone, under your protection, with full autonomy, and its residents be  free citizens of the international zone of Jerusalem”. The UN honored this request.

The Zionist, however, ignored the United Nations on this point and proceeded to conquer and occupy Jerusalem. For the past 70 years, however, the Zionist occupation and “annexation” of Jerusalem has not been recognized by the world community. We as believers in the Torah, do not recognize the legality of the entire State of Israel, and we certainly don’t recognize its sovereignty over the Holy City.

The Zionist occupation of Palestine in 1948 brought devastation and suffering to both Arabs and Jews, who had until then lived together in peace and harmony. The expansion if this occupation in 1967, and the establishment of the settlements is an increased rebellion against God’s Toray, and has escalated the hatred and bloodshed in the region.

In addition, the anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews for decades have been terribly oppressed, beaten and arrested by the Zionist regime. The most recent of which is their campaign to forcibly draft all of our community into their army and brutally suppress all voices of opposition.

In addition to our sorrow at President Trump’s recognition of the Holy City of Jerusalem as the capital of an illegitimate state, we tremble at the thought of the possible consequences of such recognition.

Therefore, we declare: The State of Israel is NOT A JEWISH STATE, it does not represent world JEWRY; masses of Jews worldwide are in total opposition of the existence of this State, all that it stands for, and all actions emanating from it. Authentic Jews, following the traditional Jewish religion, do not have any demand for sovereignty over any part of the Holy Land – including Jerusalem.

We understand that President Trump meant well, and his intent was to show his support for Jews. But helping the State of Israel is not helping Jews; on the contrary, the State of Israel is a violation of the Jewish religion and creates a danger to Jews everywhere.

According to the views of the Jews Israel is not a Jewish State but a Zionist state, you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Rabbi Weiss tolled me, that the Jews were the victim of the Holocaust in the second World War, because of international Zionism.

The Jews in the state of Israel reject fighting or oppress the Palestinian people and usually do not enlist in the IDF (army).

Zionism, in Israel claim that their state is based on the Jewish religion, which for many Jews is not the case. The original idea of Zionism is based on Socialism and nothing to do with religion, but political inspired.


A warning was delivered in 1917, at the height of World War I by the British Admiralty to its political overlords.

America’s resources of manpower and martial machinery were needed to tip the balance. But just as would be the prelude to US intervention in the Second World War, the Americans, for long heeding of the advice given by their Founding Fathers, were wary of getting into “foreign entanglements”.

This is where the leaders of world Zionism came in.

It was a simple bargain: If Jewish leaders such as Chaim Weizmann could call on the Jewish Diaspora in America to use their influence to bring the United States into the war to rescue a desperate situation, then Britain would do what it could to help bring to fruition the Zionist dream of a Jewish state in Palestine.

That the Arabs of Palestine, lived for centuries , in the towns Al-Quds, Ramallah , and other cities on the land of the Zionists, as they refer to it as Eretz Yisrael, have been subjected to dispossession and occupation while been continually denied a state of their own is surely evidence that Balfour’s condition has not been met.

The Jews created a nation in Palestine, but that created an inevitable injustice against its Arab Muslim, Christian inhabitants, and the true Jews of Palestine.

The expansion dreams of the Zionist should be stopped, they are the main problem of many wars raging in the Middle East.

I wish all the real Jews a good Pesach and may Zionism be defeated, they are the real problem in the Middle-east and the whole world.




Klokkenluider en overloper van de SBU: Luitenant-Kolonel Vasily Prozorov vertelt wat er echt gebeurde met de MH17 – FREESURIYAH

Op zoek naar de waarheid, is precies waar dit artikel over gaat. De zoektocht naar de waarheid is alleen van de Nederlandse kant (JIT Team) belicht en beschuldigd Rusland, dit artikel werpt een heel ander

Bron: Klokkenluider en overloper van de SBU: Luitenant-Kolonel Vasily Prozorov vertelt wat er echt gebeurde met de MH17 – FREESURIYAH

De media leugens over Idlib beschuldigen Rusland van bombardementen en uithongering van de bevolking – FREESURIYAH

De leugens of liever gezegd de propaganda van de reguliere MSM, zoals de NOS,, e.a., spreken alleen maar over burgerslachtoffers en bombardementen in Idlib, ook worden ze beschuldigd de bevolking uit te hongeren.

Bron: De media leugens over Idlib beschuldigen Rusland van bombardementen en uithongering van de bevolking – FREESURIYAH

Israel opent een nieuwe ”apartheidsweg”



IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

In Israel is een bijzondere weg geopend: de ”apartheidsweg”. Het is een stuk weg van vier kilometer lang met in het midden een hoge betonnen muur. De ene kant (de westelijke) is voor Palestijnen, die Jeruzalem niet in mogen en er op deze manier omheen kunnen rijden. De andere (oostelijke kant) is een weg voor Joden, die zo een verbinding hebben gekregen tussen de nederzetting Geva Benyamin ten noorden van Jeruzalem en de wijk French Hill in bezet Oost-Jeruzalem. Voor hen is het een soort shortcut naar de weg die noord en zuid op de Westoever met elkaar verbindt, route nr 60, en naar de hoofdweg nr 1 tussen Jeruzalem en Tel Aviv.

Israel had natuurlijk al langer apartheidswegen (aparte wegen voor Joden en Palestijnen). Maar het bijzondere van deze weg nr 4370 is dat het één en dezelfde weg is, die in de krant ook gewoon  ”apartheidsweg” heet. Bijzonder is natuurlijk ook die hoge betonnen muur in het midden. Maar blijkbaar kijken Israeli’s van een beetje beton en apartheid niet meer op.

– Eerder verschenen bij Abu Pessoptimist

Syria: Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport Warehouse



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Israel Bomb Damascus International Airport Violates International Law

At 23:15 Damascus time 11 January, Israeli jets attempted to attack the Damascus International Airport with 9 missiles (bombs). Eight were intercepted by Syrian air defenses, and one got through, hitting a warehouse.

The extent of the damage has not been reported. Also not reported is whether the air defense systems used were the S300s or the S200s jerry-rigged with the help of the DPRK.

As always, Israel’s war criminal attack on Syria was an affront also to allies and foes. In February 2014, then President Obama gave one billion in loan guarantees to Jordan so that Israel could use its airspace to engage in war criminal bombings of Syria. Despite the bribe and geography, Israel prefers to illegally enter Lebanon’s airspace to bomb the SAR, and Lebanon continues not to complain about this continuing breach of its national integrity.

Israeli’s US-made and maintained and in most cases manned fighter jets use the geographical cover provided by the Lebanese Eastern Mountains with to hide from Syrian air defense systems, which is not available from Jordan’s airspace, and which was one of the main requests by Israeli agents in Lebanon in 2005 post-killing of former PM Hariri to withdraw Syrian air defense from Lebanon…

In geopolitics, timing is always of strategic importance. In this most recent criminal aggression against Syria, Israel chose the timing as a blatant insult to its “ally,’ the US. The bombings occurred within hours of the US’ announcement of the beginning of removing some of its illegal troops from the SAR. Later on, US media reported that only equipments, not troops are being removed from Syria.

Likely, Israel was throwing a double hissy fit against its American ally — the one that has provided it with 30 billion USD since 2007 — because of the failure of the Democratic members of the Senate to vote on S1 (2019).

Orwellianly named “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019,” the lengthy legislation is one long epistle against Syria and for Israel which was introduced by the gusano from Florida (who threw his own hissy fit over the Democrats refusing to vote on it until the partial shutdown of the Federal government is over).

For the record, the term “middle east” was the colonialist description of the British empire in its own mapping of countries it had occupied. This term has no business having been normalized.

Also for the record, here is a world map which clearly shows the location of the United States of America:

world map clearly shows the location of US

“Title IV — Combating the BDS Act of 2019,” a subsection of S1, has gotten all the press coverage. It essentially breaches the US Constitution by permitting states to pass legislation demanding what amounts to ‘loyalty oaths’ to Israel. This should give everyone a headache, as US lawmakers are sworn in by pledging to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The BDS campaign was actually launched by Israeli activists, several years ago.

afp photo of gusano from florida
Photo credit of Sen. Marco Rubio by AFP.

The senator neglecting his oath to defend the US Constitution not only engages in an affront to “free speech” via criminalizing BDS but maligns the First Amendment also by bringing religion into his political tweets.

Preying on the ignorance of American hyper-religious who play bible banquet, he too frequently cites specific biblical passages. Since he wishes to impose religion on the government, he were better to read the Book of Jeremiah, found in Nevi’im (a significant passage is found in Syria News’ report on Moti Kahana and Israel’s admission of stealing ancient artifacts from the world’s first synagogue, Eliyahu Hanav, in Jobar, Syria, near Damascus).

Any legislation which breaches the US Constitution must be considered that which it is: Treason.

He certainly should not use the bible out of context, to flaunt his ignorance of it: Torah and Tanakh clearly consider Israel calling itself “the Jewish State” an act of blasphemy.

Israel’s timing of its new round of war crimes against Syria is an appropriate example of the dog biting the hand that feeds it.

What has been ignored by virtually all, in reporting of the “US Taxpayer Doesn’t Give Israel Enough Money Act,” is that the S1 legislation is largely an imperialist attack on Syria. S1 demands the continuation of draconian, illicit, unilateral coercive economic measures against the SAR, wrongfully called “sanctions.”

The vile legislation shamelessly calls the Central Bank of Syria — which is its non-Federal Reserves linked national bank, committed to the promotion of the general welfare of Syrian citizenry — a money laundering apparatus. It requires that only [terrorist supporting, fake humanitarian] NGOs — generally located in Turkey — be allowed to receive monies. Many of these criminal NGOs have 501(c) US tax deduction status, which should be viewed by US taxpayers as a form of double-dipping for perpetual war.

A key portion of S1 is “Title III,” Capitol Hill’s third attempt to pass the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act.” The “Caesar” psyops — called by some, “Curveball, Part II” — was launched 20 January 2014, two days before the beginning of Geneva peace talks. The fake photos were vetted by the terrorist Gulfiesmonarchy, the dirty little petro-toilet named Qatar, via a London-based law firm.

Qatar has admitted spending billions to destroy Syria for not permitting its pipeline to go through the country. Qatar has been involved in all forms of war criminal atrocities against the Syria population, from involvement in the bombings of the Homs refinery, to the kidnapping of Syrian women, to femicide, to mass slaughter in al Rashidin, 15 April 2017.



De muur in Zuid-Libanon



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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: buiten

De muur  Zuid-Libanon, foto: Claudius Lucassen, tekst: Sonja van den Ende

Afgelopen jaar was ik te gast en op uitnodiging in Libanon, zuid-Libanon, waar sinds februari 2018 begonnen is met de bouw van de muur tussen Israël en zuid-Libanon. D.w.z., een iniatief van Israël, deze Zionistische staat claimt bescherming nodig te hebben van Hezbollah, die de oorlog in 2006 gewonnen heeft!

Israël zegt dat zij de muur bouwen in afwachting van een poging van Hezbollah om de grens in de komende oorlog te overschrijden. Libanon en Hezbollah willen niet dat de muur wordt gebouwd. UNIFIL zei dat het de constructie volgt en communiceert met relevante partijen aan beide kanten van de grens om spanningen te verminderen en escalatie te voorkomen.

UNIFIL soldaten uit Indonesië, die permanent de muur bewaken, foto: Claudius Lucassen

Libanon heeft niet gevraagd om een oorlog, deze ook niet begonnen, ook is tegen de wil van het Libanese volk, de muur, degene die het bestand schenden zijn Israël, zoals dit het geval is met Palestina en Syrië. 

Israël  haar politiek is gebaseerd op leugens en veiligheid is zogenaamd hun grootste zorg, terwijl zij degene zijn die de veiligheid schenden van Palestijnen, Libanezen en Syriërs. Het grootste deel van de “Blue Line” was oorspronkelijk afgebakend in 1923 en delen werden later afgebakend tussen 1950 en 1967. In die tijd vertelden zowel Israël als Libanon de VN dat zij de Blauwe Lijn zouden respecteren zoals getekend door de VN. Israël blijft deze afspraken overtreden, natuurlijk wordt de andere kant beschuldigd, m.n. Hezbollah, maar ook wonen er vele Libanezen die lid zijn, of ondersteuning geven aan de Amal partij van Nabih Berri, deze partij heeft een alliantie met Hezbollah en hebben bij de laatse verkiezing afgelopen 6 mei de verkiezingen in Libanon gewonnen, zoals ik getuige was in Beirout afgelopen mei!

UNIFIL Soldaten uit Indonesië, die permanent de muur bewaken, foto Claudius Lucassen

Na diverse families gesproken te hebben, direct in Markaba, een klein stadje grenzend aan de muur met Israël, heb ik verontrustende dingen gehoord. .

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor markaba zuid libanon

Markaba is direct gelegen aan de “blue line” en de muur, bij de laatste oorlog in 2006 is er hevig gevochten en zijn er vele “martelaren” gevallen voor de bevrijding van Libanon, die Israël illegaal had bezet. Wie meer wil weten over de oorlog van 2006:

Israël heeft in 2006 en ook in de voorlaatste oorlog ( flink huisgehouden in Libanon, partijen tegen elkaar opgezegd en het verboden middel Agent Orange in beide oorlogen in gezet, m.n. in zuid-Libanon, waar nu meer dan 20 jaar later de gevolgen van deze chemische stof zichtbaar is en in Markaba en omringende dorpen en stadjes, als gevolg van de besmetting al meer dan 9000 kanker gevallen gemeld, velen met dodelijk afloop.

Dankzij Hezbollah, is Libanon er weer bovenop gekomen en zij zijn voorbereid op een escalatie met de Zionistische staat Israël, die illegaal oorlogen voert zowel in Libanon, Palestina als Syrië. De wereld is stil en de era of zogenaamd “fake news”, waar de alternatieve media iedere dag mee te maken heeft, is het moeilijk er over te berichten. Iedere uitspraak die tegen Israël gericht is of het woord Hezbollah kan je al in de Facebook “gevangenis” doen belanden, DDR en Sovjet STASI/KGB, methoden worden toegepast. Zowel bij de media als in de politiek. Wij leven in de era van persvrijheid repressie en kunnen voor onze ogen, (d.w.z.) degene die er open voor staan en net als ik de gebieden bezoekt, zien hoe diverse volkeren (geprobeerd) uitegeroeid worden, of althans een poging daartoe wordt ondernomen. Daarom richten deze volkeren, zoals de zuid-Libanezen, Hezbollah op, om de gevreesde vijand Israël, te verslaan, om zo in “vrede” in hun eigen land kunnen wonen!

De media is geen media meer maar een verlengstuk van politiek en “deep-state”, waar de waarheid verborgen moet blijven, zo ook de waarheid over zuid-Libanon en Hezbollah. Die gemakelijkheidshalve op de terroristische lijst gezet wordt. Hezbollah is daar voor de mensen en zonder hen zou Libanon verloren zijn en uitgeleverd aan of een “regime-change”of bezet, zoals delen van Golan Hoogte door de Zionistische staat Israël.

Bron: Markaba, UNIFIL, Wikipedia, fotografie; Claudius Lucassen, tekst; Sonja van den Ende